5 Items I’m Bringing to Cabo

I’m so excited that our vacation to Cabo is only just a few days away! The idea of waking up to the ocean waves crashing, getting sunkissed, eating fish tacos, and sipping on pina coladas has had me dreaming of our vacation all summer long. I spent the last week or so gathering and purchasing items that I’ll need in Cabo and figured I’d share some of the top items that will be in my suitcase!

Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30

clarinsWhen I began looking for sunscreens to buy, I came across this SPF oil spray and it intrigued me. I didn’t start using oil SPFs until this summer but I took a liking to them fairly fast. Not only does this spray oil protect your body from UVA/UVB rays, it can also protect your hair. My hair has been chemically treated more than enough times (highlights & perm) so protecting my hair from all the vacation elements of sun and water is important to me.

Lush The Plumps Solid Hair Conditioner


I’ve been using Lush’s solid shampoos every time I travel and I’m so thankful that Lush has finally released a line of solid conditioners. Having solid shampoos and conditioners really help save space in your carry on 3-1-1 liquids pouch. All you have to do is bring it into the shower with you, get it wet and swipe it along the length of your head a few times and gently massage it into your hair and scalp. This solid conditioner doesn’t lather like the solid shampoo but you can feel the conditioner coat your hair as you’re massaging it in.


Avon Skin So Soft BUG GUARD Plus IR3535 SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion


When I went on a family trip to the Philippines my mom had purchased this Bug Guard to help prevent mosquito/bug bites for the month we were there. I’m allergic to mosquito bites, so preventing them from happening is one of my priorities. I don’t recall getting bitten in the Philippines when using this and since then, it has become the only bug repellent I use. An added bonus is that this packs in SPF 30 — protecting you from the sun and bugs!

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45 PA+++


I can’t say enough good things about this sunscreen! And while you can use it ‘all around’, I tend to just use this on my face. Though called an essence, it’s not the same consistency as essence — it’s more of a moisturizer consistency that is light and dissolves quickly into the skin without leaving a white cast (as other facial sunblocks tend to do). This sunscreen has been a part of my daily skincare routine and I intend to keep the routine going when I’m on vacation!

Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline


One of the only waterproof mascaras that I keep reaching for! The brush does a great job and separating and lengthening my lashes and the formula doesn’t ever clump up on me. While I’m on vacation I tend to go for the more natural look and try to use as little make up as possible. If anything my lashes need help standing out. This mascara stays on regardless of playing in the pool or beach and sweating from the heat.

Now that I’ve got all my essentials ready to go I’m just counting down the days till Cabo!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel