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My name is Mariel Mendoza.. but the people closest to me refer to me as MM. I work, play, & live in New York City 🙂 Work. I graduated at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Business Marketing.  Two weeks after graduation, I packed two suitcases and moved to Manhattan “just” for the summer and became a Read More

Wellness Treatments to Book with Classpass

Surprise, surprise.. I’m back on Classpass! After reviewing my Equinox gym membership and receiving a price increase in my monthly dues, it made more sense for me to return to Classpass. Despite the price increases and changing to the credit model, Classpass is more of a value to me at this moment. If you’re interested Read More

Equinox SoHo vs Equinox Bond Street

I became a member of Equinox Printing House in April when I no longer had my Classpass unlimited membership. I’ve been really happy with my new gym membership and Printing House is a convenient location for me during the work week. Starting on July 31st, the main group fitness room went down for renovations and Read More

I Broke Up With ClassPass

For a little over a year I was a ClassPass member. I namaste‘d, boxed, barre’d, and reformed my way through 169 classes. Every day I had the option to pick a work out from a range of studios; a majority of the times I picked the work out based on how I was feeling. ClassPass Read More

Resolutions for 2017

A new year marks a clean slate that we’ve been given. It gives us hope at starting fresh whether that be improving ourselves, tackling a problem, or simply just doing better than we had the previous year. Resolutions are a fun way of setting goals for the new year. Regardless of whether these resolutions stay Read More

Travel Diary: Post-Thanksgiving in Vegas

Hello! I hope your holiday weekend is amazing and filled with good food & loved ones! I stayed in the city for this Thanksgiving and it was a bit non-traditional this year; we food & bar crawled throughout downtown Manhattan. As with any other holiday, the city was quiet as the usual hustle and bustle Read More

First Boxing Class at Gotham Gym

Gotham Gym is famous for it’s clients — ranging from Hugh Jackman to the entire line up of Victoria’s Secret Angels. And while I initially though it was out-of-my-leaugue, little did I know how close it was to my office and easy it was to book a class. I’ve always wanted to try boxing but the intimidation Read More

I’m Keeping ClassPass

It’s been a little over a week since news of ClassPass’ decision to increase their unlimited membership from $125/mo to $190/mo popped up for members in New York City. I, along many other members, took to social to post about our frustrations and anger towards the company. In fact, I even wrote an email to the company (something Read More

I’ve completed 50 classes on ClassPass!

I’ve attended 50 classes on ClassPass! I ditched my yoga membership and joined ClassPass in November and four months later I can say that I’ve reached the halfway mark to 100 classes. I wrote about my experience with ClassPass after my first month (you can read that here) and after 50 classes, I think it’s Read More

The Fit Girl’s Essentials: Pointe Studio’s Grip Socks

Since joining ClassPass and having the opportunity to try fitness classes other than yoga, I quickly learned that it wasn’t all just about yoga pants & mats. Barre classes and (most) Pilates classes require students to wear grip socks. Not only does this help with hygiene around the studio and in class, the grip socks help Read More

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