Travel Diary: Cabo San Lucas | Day 1

After a long countdown (I’ve been counting down since February), our Cabo San Lucas vacation has finally approached us! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a vacation; a majority of the time I’m traveling out of the city is to spend time with my family. And to be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve travelled outside of the states so you can imagine how I excited I was for this trip.

We flew out of Newark in the early afternoon and had an entire day of flying with a layover in Dallas. We made it to Cabo around 8p MST and flew through customs as that airport doesn’t get heavy air traffic and there were a handful of booths handling the line. I was amazed at how beautiful and well-kept the San Jose Cabo International Airport is! Its appearance reminded me of some of the newer terminals I’ve been to. Claiming our baggage was quick too! As we left the airport to look for our shuttle to the Grand Solmar, an outdoor bar as well as groups of timeshare sales people and shuttle buses greeted us right outside. Lucky for us for arriving on the later flights as the number of timeshare pushers weren’t nearly as much as what I was expecting after hearing multiple experiences from friends. We found our shuttle driver & we were off on our way to Grand Solmar!

Grand Solmar is 30 minutes from the airport, located at the southernmost tip of Cabo San Lucas and roughly a 10 minute walk to town. We were brought to the new lobby of the resort to check in and were greeted with margaritas!

The staff at Grand Solmar were quick to accommodate us and our luggage that we settled into our suites fairly quick. After settling into the resort, we made the walk to town for some tacos! There were a number of tiny street shops in town serving up all sorts of tacos for $1.50 USD! First tacos of the night were El Pastor at Taqueria El Gran Pastor. Literally street-side dining, there were no chairs or tables to sit.. we topped off our tacos with salsa of all sorts then stood on the corner and hungrily ate our tacos. El Pastor is made with meat from a giant spit of marinated pork with a pineapple sitting on top. 

Taqueria El Gran Pastor

We continued to walk down the street for more tacos at Tacos Guss which carried a variety of tacos. There were a handful of tables and chairs to comfortably sit but like a majority of the restaurants in town, the restaurant was open to the outdoors. The lengua was amazing here!

Menu at Tacos Guss

Tacos Guss - Salsa Platter

Tacos Guss - TACOS!

After eating a handful of tacos, we made our way back to the resort to rest up for our first real day in Cabo!

Read on for days 2 & 3 of our stay in Cabo!