Travel Diary: Cabo San Lucas | Day 2 and 3

Day 2

It’s the first real day in Cabo and naturally, we spent the day lounging in front of the infinity pool! The beaches in Cabo get slammed by the waves, making it impossible for visitors to enjoy time on the beach. To make up for this, Grand Solmar has 4 different salt water infinity pools scattered around the resort looking out into the ocean.

The pool we chose to lay out at included a swim up bar, complete with bar seats and three in-pool tables with seating. It was nice being able to swim up to the bar for happy hour (there’s two! 11-12p & 4-5p) and enjoy our drinks while splashing around in the pool. The temperatures in Cabo at the time was scorching hot and there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be than lounging pool side!

Once the sun began to set, the group decided to split up into groups: one to shop at supplies for the week at the nearby Wal-Mart and the other to into town and do a little sight-seeing. Cabs aren’t exactly the cheapest in Cabo, so we decided to just take the 10 minute walk into town. Not going to lie, I was dreading the walk.. not because of how “far” it was (I walk that distance and then some back home in NY) but how long I’d be under the scorching sun. We walked along the marina, passing the little shops and the stretch of booths selling excursions. After what seemed to be forever walking into town without relief from the sun, we stumbled upon an ice cream shop called La Nueva Michoacana.

La Nueva Michoacana

Once I noticed they sold the same popsicles I used to enjoy in San Diego while growing up (there was an ice cream shop right next to my grandparent’s bakery and I was always treated to ice cream!) I knew I had to get the strawberries & cream flavored. The walk didn’t seem too bad now that we had ran into the best treat for that sunny day.

La Nueva Michoacana

La Nueva Michoacana popsicles

 Day 3

Along with our couple friends, HC, we made our way to the marina early in the morning to enjoy some time at Lover’s Beach. Getting to this beach required hopping on a boat and taking about a 5 minute boat ride out of the marina towards The Arch and past Pelican Bay. Once arriving on the beach.. or however close the boat can get onto the beach without getting stuck on the sand, you jump off and make your way onto the shore. We weren’t so lucky in choosing boats to get to Lover’s Beach as our boat did not have a ladder for us to step off of so we jumped off the boat into about waist-high water.

We must have gotten there early since we were basically the only ones at the beach for a few. Eventually, the boat traffic picked up and the amount of people on the beach grew but it was nice to have the beach to ourselves for a little bit.

Lover's Beach

Lover's Beach

We coordinated a time to leave the beach with our boat and once the time came, the boat was on time! Remember when I said there was no ladder for getting off the boat? Well that also meant there was no ladder to get onto the boat. With the waves coming in every few seconds and the boat bobbing along with it, it was a challenge getting up onto the boat. It involved timing the waves & boat and getting enough courage & strength to flop on and pull yourself onto the boat. -sigh- I did end up walking away with a scraped knee 🙁 We topped off the afternoon by grabbing fish tacos & beer at one of the restaurants along the marina.

fish tacos and beer

That evening we dined at Maro Shrimp House which specialized in lobster, shrimp, and their house drink the Bull Dog.

Maro Shrimp House

Ordering a Bull Dog included a little song with “Chichi mama, chichi mama” and a “Happy Ending” once the song was done and the beer has been swished around and poured into the tequila and lemonade. The entire restaurant was covered in collegiate flags and to my surprise, UNLV had a small presence! The shrimp and lobster tails were delicious and dinner was topped off with a round of shots. Each person at the table had a shot slammed down twice on the table and had to take a shot before the next person was able to take their shots. The restaurant was fun and lively and I’d recommend checking out if you’re in the mood for seafood!


Read on for the visit to Flora Farms during our stay in Cabo!