Travel Diary: Cabo San Lucas | Flora Farms

Flora Farms is a beautiful ten-acre organic farm located on the foothills of theĀ Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in Cabo. It was a 30-45 minute drive out to the farms from our hotel so we all packed in like the little happy family that we are into the van! The farm is a trek to get to. Right before approaching the farm are winding dirt roads with no lights.


Once entering the property, we were greeted by cottages and greenery. I couldn’t get over how cute the entire property was! Lawn chairs and tables were scattered by the entrance and giant sunflowers waved in the breeze.

We were originally scheduled to tour the property and the farms, but because of an error on the restaurant’s part, we didn’t get a chance to tour šŸ™ Instead, we started a tour of our own! First stop, the Flora Bar!



Along and around the restaurant were products that were grown and created on the farm that you couldĀ buy. From carrots, limes, and parsley to granola, honey, and grapefruit!

We continued our own tour behind the restaurant as there were rows and rows of vegetables and fruit. Beyond that is a little outdoor cottage complete with furniture! The sun was beginning to set and live jazz music began to fill the air.


We came across this beautiful white picket fence archway covered in greens that seemed like the most perfect place for pictures. It was also the most perfect place for our friends J & B to get engaged! (CONGRATULATIONS!)


Right before the proposal…

Shortly after all the craziness of the proposal, we were seated in the restaurant for our dinner. By this time the once empty tables were now filling up and the smells from the kitchen teased our appetites.



Bring on the food!




  • Beet Carpaccio – Ash Roasted Beets w/ Framage Blanc
  • Burrata – House made with Tapenade & Bread
  • Snapper Crudo – Citrus Cured with Fennel & Radish
  • Pate Board – Pate De Compagna, Crispy Torchon, Chicken Liver Mousse, Rabbit Rilletes

The appetizersĀ really delicious! I’m usually not a fan of beets, but the Beet Carpaccio may have turned me onto beets. The Burrata was cheesy goodness and I couldn’t stop eating it. That may have been the first appetizer dish to disappear. The Snapper Crudo was also amazing and was really citrusy, but I’m not complaining! The portion size of that dish was incredibly big. And you can never really go wrong with a Pate Board. There were some bits of it that I wasn’t familiar or have had before, but overall it was okay — nothing amazing or different Ā that would set it apart from other pate boards that I’ve had before.




  • Petite Poulet Rouge – Wood Oven Roasted Young Chicken, Thyme, and Lemon & Butter with Roasted Potatoes and Glazed Carrots & Beets
  • Pork Chop Double Cut – Wood Oven Roasted with Roasted potatoes and Tomato Chutney

To be completely honest, by the time our entrees arrived I was full off the appetizers! The chicken was delicious but again, nothing special that would set it apart from any other chicken dinner. Now the pork chop, that was the real winner! I don’t think I’ve had a more amazing pork chop than the one we ate at Flora Farms. The seasoning, the way it was cooked, just everything made this dish the best of the bunch.

And dinner couldn’t be complete without a little bit of dessert…


As you leave the property, there’s a little ice cream stand off to the right. We all topped the night off with ice cream and I picked up the Apple Pie flavor. It really did taste like apple pie with bits of apple and cinnamon!

This night was probably my favorite night in Cabo – being with our amazing friends and enjoying a delicious dinner!

More Pictures from Flora Farm…

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