Travel Diary: Cabo San Lucas | The Last Days

Our last few days in Cabo just meant relaxing, soaking up enough sun pool-side so we could return with a tan that would last for some time (my tan has already faded), and eating as much fish tacos I could!


We also took advantage of the Ocean Experience at the Spa Cabanas. The Ocean Experience is a two-hour treatment that included a massage + facial in an oceanfront cabana and at the end of it all were glasses of champagne & chocolate covered strawberries!

We all loved the experience so much that the following day we ended up going again for just the massage + treats at an awesome price that just couldn’t be passed up! I was spoiled rotten at Grand Solmar, it’ll be a challenge trying to find a similar deal in the city.

Our final family dinner before people started to leave the trip was at Hacienda el Coyote. Not only was their food delicious, they are also known for their extravagant selection of tequila!

The Menu


Some of the appetizers for the table included

  1. Chips + Guacamole – You really can’t have enough guacamole when you’re in Mexico!
  2. Queso Fundido – My absolute favorite appetizer from the bunch. I probably could end up eating the whole thing myself..
  3. Aguachile – This was really good as the shrimp was seasoned with primarily lemon. I don’t eat spicy food on the regular and this dish was a little bit too spicy for me. Aside from that, it was a delicious dish and was the first dish to disappear from the table!

Main Entrees

For our main course, the boyfriend and I had the Arrachera Angus and Marinated Pork. The dishes were okay and we were pretty stuffed from the appetizers. I probably would not order the Arrachera Angus again if we were to dine at this restaurant again.

We topped off dinner with churros and flan for dessert and those who dared got a Mexican Coffee! To be honest, none of us expected what was to come after ordering the Mexican Coffee.. we really thought it was just, well.. coffee! It’s actually tequila that they light on fire, a little bit of coffee, and ice cream and a cherry on top! And the presentation of making the Mexican Coffee happened right in front of the table and it was quite a show!

We enjoyed Hacienda el Coyote so much that we ate at the restaurant on our final night in Cabo. We ordered basically the same appetizers from our first night at the restaurant but for our main entrees we chose fish tacos & the seafood crepes.

The Seafood Crepes were recommended by the concierge at Grand Solmar and I’m glad that we ordered it on our last night. It was so amazingly good! The restaurant’s fish tacos were also amazing! They’re on the appetizer menu but don’t be fooled, this appetizer is huge! I was only able to finish two tacos.

It seemed like it had been the longest countdown for the trip to Cabo and once we were there, the week went by so quickly. The rooms at Grand Solmar were so comfortable and gave me the feeling of being at home during the week. The poolside staff and at the spa were very helpful and accomodating. The food and pina coladas/miami vices did not get old during the week! Many thanks to our friends D&A for inviting us on the trip! Cabo was perfect for relaxing!