Confessions of a ClassPass Addict: My History at the Gym & One Month Later – Part Two

In case you missed it, here’s Part One!

After two months of not utilizing my yoga membership to it’s full value (I was only attending one class a week, if at any), I began to research other studios and gyms that worked better with my work schedule. Many of the studios I found were even more expensive (at least $150/mo) than what I was paying at Yogaworks. I thought about just ditching a membership altogether and pay per class at a handful of the studios I liked but as drop in rates range from $25-$35 per class, that could add up and cost even more than the cost of a monthly membership. I was beginning to get discouraged… until my boyfriend reminded me about ClassPass.

After reviewing the studios offered and finding that I was interested in more than a handful, I put my Yogaworks membership on a freeze and signed myself up for ClassPass!

Here’s a break down of what studios I attended in my first month of ClassPass:

Kettlebell Kickboxing (2), Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon (2), Sky Ting Yoga, (2), Pure Barre Union Square (1), AKT UES (1), Exhale Central Park South (2), Uptown Pilates (1), The Bar Method SoHo (2), Flex Studios Union Square (1), Drive495 (1), Yogaworks Union Square (1)


Thoughts after One Month with ClassPass

After my first month of ClassPass, I managed to fit in 16 classes across 11 studios and gyms! After my first week I was so proud of myself for the streak of classes I had attended — this was more classes than I had gone to in the last few months combined! I was able to get back into Kettlebell Kickboxing and I had the opportunity to try the studios I’ve always been curious about.

I’ve always been interested in attending a pilates reformer class but it always intimidated me — I attended Beginner’s classes at Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon and because of the date/time I choose to go, the classes I’ve attended end up being a private instruction! These accidental private instruction class were great and my instructor did a great job at introducing the reformer/tower to me. That alone would normally cost $65-$85/hr! Knowing that I was already saving money got me excited to dabble in other exercises I’ve always been curious about.

I had attempted the barre class Yogaworks offered a few months after I had gotten my Yogaworks membership and although the idea of barre class seemed to be my speed, I found myself hating it after taking that one class. Now that I had access to a handful of the most talked about barre classes I was down to try another class and convince myselfl that I would eventually come to love barre classes. It’s difficult to reserve a spot in the barre classes offered through ClassPass (due to the popularity of the studios offered) but I was able to get a spot with Pure Barre in Union Square. Class was just as tough as I remembered it being but I wasn’t going to give up barre classes just yet. After Pure Barre, I tried seeing how classes differed at The Bar Method and Physique 57 (both were SoHo locations). I don’t quite love barre classes after a month,  but I do like it enough to continue to reserve a weekly class!

I’d attend classes again at all the studios I went to this month, except for one. I was initially excited to try AKT in Motion as Anna Keiser is known as a celebrity trainer and just by the fun, energetic demonstrations I’d seen on Live! with Kelly & Michael and Good Morning America. I was still excited about 10 – 20 minutes into the exercise (think Zumba with weights and resistance bands) but then the air conditioner never kicked in. All the excitement I had built up since trying to reserve a class (these classes are hard to get a spot!) was quickly drained from my body and soul. In fact, the studio heats the room which isn’t necessary because you’re already sweating from all the movement. I couldn’t breathe because of how hot the room had gotten! Also, the music was crazy loud in which the instructor had to scream instructions into her mic for everyone to hear. I will say that I’m really impressed with the energy the instructor had as she was doing each movement with the class for the entire hour — she could’ve probably ran a marathon afterwards with all the energy she exuded. I’m glad that I had tried the studio and can say that it wasn’t for me.

ClassPass works in my case because…

  1. I love having the option of doing different exercises during the week
  2. Though I can only go to a studio 3x in a 30-day cycle, I have enough studios on my Favorites to rotate through once I reach that 3x limit with any one studio
  3. My work schedule is, for the most part, predictable and scheduling classes after work is possible. There was only one time that I had to cancel a class after the 12 hours and incurred a canceling fee.

I’m feeling good after one month of being active and I can’t wait to try more of the studios that ClassPass offers! My main goal for working out is to be more active and increase my strength and if losing weight happens as a result of those goals, then yay! If I can stay motivated to get myself moving more and being more active, I’m in a better place than I was yesterday!

Interested in joining Classpass? Click here for $20 off your first month!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel



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