Confessions of a ClassPass Addict: My History at the Gym & One Month Later – Part One

This post is a little bit more personal to me, so thanks in advance for taking the time to read this 🙂

Let me first say that I’ve never been athletic and I never really had a reason to go to the gym while I was growing up.. even throughout college. My metabolism was great in the sense that I made poor eating habits (Whoppers & onion rings every week, you know who you are!) and yet I stayed a size 0 and constantly weight 100-105lbs. Fast-forward to life after college, being in a relationship, and moving to New York – those days of being a size 0 is long gone. Now I’m not blaming all that for my level of fitness today but I do believe I had a delayed ‘Freshman 15’ that ended up happening after graduating from college. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve gained a significant amount of weight these last couple of years but it’s something that I’m okay with sharing and willing to improve.

My go-around with gyms..

I had gone to the gym every once in awhile and I even had a gym membership prior to moving to New York – it was more of a social thing as I had always gone with friends and never went by myself. I was aware that moving to New York would be costly but I didn’t expect that a one month membership to any gym/studio in the city would be equivalent to my one year membership (included a pool & towel service!) that I had in Las Vegas. In an effort to take my health seriously and slim down on the weight that I had started to gain, I joined 24 Hour Fitness in SoHo with the boyfriend and together we would go to the gym – him moreso than I. I was uncomfortable with the meatheads watching and judging the work outs I had been doing (they probably weren’t, but for some reason I just hated working out next to them) and yoga at the gym wasn’t the yoga I was used to – the instructor didn’t adjust or help correct on form, she just breezed through her flow and expected everyone in the class to keep up. I was a member of that gym for a little over a year and decided to leave after an incident where the gym had told me that I was unable to work out with my boyfriend.

New York has incredible Groupon opportunities for people who are interested in checking out a gym/studio. In fact, I know a few people who get their fix of fitness by Groupon hopping (paying for a class pack at gym A and then purchasing a class pack at gym B once A classes were all redeemed) – I decided to take up Kettlebell Kickboxing (10 classes for $60!) and a monthly unlimited at Yogaworks for $45. I fell in love with the classes at Kettlebell KB but once I was done with my class pack – I found the prices to be expensive and couldn’t bring myself to pay that much. I also fell in love with Yogaworks as the studio was beautiful and had also offered Pilates and TRX. I bit the bullet and became a member of Yogaworks Soho. I loved how clean the studio was and it even had a roster of my favorite instructors; the best part was that it worked with my work schedule at the time.


Where I Stand Now…

2 years later and I’m starting to see that my favorite instructors are moving to other locations and my favorite classes were slowly changing times and not working out with my schedule. These last few months, I wasn’t utilizing the studio as much as I had when I first signed up and I knew that I either had to find another studio that worked more with my schedule and budget or I would have to try really hard to make their current schedule work for me.

For the last few months the boyfriend had been suggesting I look into ClassPass — a monthly membership that allows members access to a network of fitness studios and gyms, with thousands of group fitness classes that includes yoga, pilates, cycling, barre, and strength training. Yogaworks had just joined the ClassPass network so I was curious to see what other studios were participating. To my surprise, there are hundreds of gyms and studios that are a part of this network offering classes at all hours of the day! Studios that I’ve always been interested in trying but afraid of paying the $30-$45 drop in rate were on the list. Kettlebell Kickboxing is also a part of the network and that’s probably what pushed me to try ClassPass, afterall, there’s no commitments and you can cancel membership at anytime. The only limitation with ClassPass is that members can only visit the same studio three times a month, even if there are multiple locations.

At the time I was signing up, ClassPass wasn’t offering trials so I signed up for the regular monthly membership. As my first month of being a ClassPass member comes to a close, I can say that I really enjoyed getting the chance to try out new studios and discover new classes.


A more in depth look at my first month of ClassPass in Part 2! Interested in joining Classpass? Click here for $20 off your first month!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel


This post is not sponsored; I’m genuinely addicted to ClassPass!
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