Dinner at Soju Haus

Recently, the boyfriend & I were craving for some good Korean bbq. We were unable to visit our favorite restaurant in Queens and wanted to try something new in the city so we turned to Yelp to search!

We settled on trying Soju Haus located on 5th Avenue between 31st & 32nd. A quick ride to the 2nd floor in the tinniest elevator brings you to the restaurant. A lot of times we’ll order with our stomachs instead of our eyes and this dinner out was no exception.

We ordered…

Tofu BO SSAM with Kimchi


Sizzling Bulgogi

Clear Clam Soup


Seafood Pancake



The portions were generous and all the dishes were tasty. There was a good selection of soju on the menu, but we skipped and opted for beer instead. The Bo Ssam, while it was good, wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It’s not Momofuku Bo Ssam but we still enjoyed it. The seafood pancake was crispy and had bits of squid & shrimp. What impressed us was the clear clam soup since all the clams were large and plentiful between the two of us. The sizzling bulgolgi, though it looks plain, was tasty and probably my favorite dish out of the bunch!

One note to keep in mind if you plan on dropping by Soju Haus is that they don’t accept credit/debit cards; it’s cash only!