First Boxing Class at Gotham Gym

Gotham Gym is famous for it’s clients — ranging from Hugh Jackman to the entire line up of Victoria’s Secret Angels. And while I initially though it was out-of-my-leaugue, little did I know how close it was to my office and easy it was to book a class. I’ve always wanted to try boxing but the intimidation and my anxiety prevented me from even giving it a try. Until a week ago!

I booked a Beginner’s Boxing Class at Gotham through Classpass. I figured that Beginner’s class would be a great starting point because I really was a beginner and the class is only 45 minutes long. Gotham is situated in the West Village and only 3 or 4 blocks from my office!




By the time I had arrived, a line of 4 girls to sign in had already formed. I signed in, rented my wraps and boxing gloves ($3), was given a quick point-around to where things were in the gym and headed to the locker rooms to place my belongings. Before class, the instructor, Lamarr Thornton, and his assistant were going around helping us put on our wraps. As I was getting wrapped I made it super clear that this was my first boxing class and that I was beginner (in hopes that maybe they’d take it easy on me, lol). Once everyone was strapped in, we made our way inside the ring!

The 45-minute class seemed so much longer than it actually was! It might have been because I felt like I was ‘dying’ straight from the warm up. The first part of class we stretched and warmed up with jumping jacks and high knees. Then we learned the punches and combos and did a few on our own. From there we got into partner pad work where we got to punch through combos and then alternated with our partner. The pad work really worked my arms out! I was exhausted by this point but class wasn’t over yet. After pad work we got into some abs, push ups, mountain climbers, and then some (my brain must have blacked out from exhaustion). Class was intense! And dare I say that I think I actually enjoyed it?





The instructors were the right amount of challenging and motivation, with a slight bit of bootcamp. Throughout the pad work session, they made their rounds and helped make adjustments which is helpful especially since I’m a beginner and I really had no clue on whether I was doing anything right. Motivational quotes are strung all around the gym and even on the ceilings! I was all sorts of shakey after class and I was sore for days after but I really felt like I had accomplished something! I really see myself making this my thing during Summer Fridays! I’m on the fence whether I’m 100% in love with it (similar to when I was bitching about barre) but give it 2 or 3 more classes and it might be a different story.



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