The Fit Girl’s Essentials: Pointe Studio’s Grip Socks

Since joining ClassPass and having the opportunity to try fitness classes other than yoga, I quickly learned that it wasn’t all just about yoga pants & mats. Barre classes and (most) Pilates classes require students to wear grip socks. Not only does this help with hygiene around the studio and in class, the grip socks help stabilize and prevent slipping during the exercises allowing you to go deeper into a pose and working the muscles even harder.

My first barre class on my fit girl journey was at Pure Barre and like most studios, they sell their branded grip socks. Since I hadn’t got a clue about where to buy quality grip socks, I purchased the $12 one Pure Barre was selling. The socks were okay but I found myself sliding every once in awhile — certainly it was my footing that was causing me to slide around. A couple weeks later, I had to purchase Bar Method’s grip socks because I had forgotten to pack my Pure Barre socks in my bag. They didn’t have my size in stock and told me without a doubt my 7.5 feet would fit in a small. The entire class I was pulling my sock over my heels and it was a complete disaster. I later looked online and saw that the suggested sizing for small Bar Method socks were sizes 4-6. I now had two pairs of grip socks AND I wasn’t even sure if I was loving barre classes.

I don’t know how I came across Pointe Studio but I’m so glad I did. The colorful designs instantly made me fall in love with the socks so I bought a grippy pair that was on sale ($7) and to get free shipping ($30 minimum) I added in another grippy pair and just to try, a running pair.









These socks feature a padded ankle rest and food bed, compression arch support, and silicone sole grips. What I liked most about these socks is that there wasn’t any obvious branding on the top of the socks, unlike the socks you would buy in studios. I’ve tried these socks out at Phsyique 57, Bar Method, Pop Physique and Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre and couldn’t be happier to have had these socks on my feet! After a few washes, the grips on the socks are still grippy and barre class after barre class, these socks have remained on my feet. I’m slowly starting to love barre classes and having fun socks to put on just makes the classes even more enjoyable!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel