Floral Recipes with The Flower Chef + Giveaway!

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes. I received a complimentary copy of The Flower Chef and materials in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

I was thrilled to learn that I would be able to get a hold of Carly Cylinder’s flower guide and recipe book, The Flower Chef, because who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their home.. especially Pinterest-worthy flowers! I don’t have much experience with arranging flowers so on the random occasion that I do decide to pick up a few flowers, I simply just place them in a vase and change out the water every so often for as long as they stay alive.

What’s great about The Flower Chef is that this guide and recipe book is perfect for first-timers and equally enjoyable for those who have had their go-around with arranging flowers. The book is laid out much like a cooking book, the beginning helps us newbies understand the basics of floral arrangement: the tools that can be used, the flowers and which seasons you can find them, and tips of how to care for the flowers pre and post arrangement. Basically this book contains a florists’ best practices and tips in regards to floral design.


The Flower Chef

The Flower Chef

The Flower Chef

From there, we go into floral arrangement recipes broken up by theme. The recipes outline the ingredients (materials) that are needed to create the arrangement, time, season, level of difficulty, and a cost (a price range in how much you can expect to pay for the arrangement). The recipes are laid out step-by-step and are easy to follow; it gives us the ability to create beautiful professional-looking flower arrangements using traditional and widely practiced techniques. Carly also encourages us to improvise and to be as creative as you want, and hopes to inspire us to experiement with the recipes given to us and to create our own design. The outcome is all the same, you’ll be left with a stunning arrangement of flowers — perfect for Pinterest and Instagram! Not only are these recipes great for arrangements for your home, they also make great gifts: they’re personal and thoughtful, all considering that you took time and effort to put it all together!

Everyday Hydrangeas

For my first go-around with The Flower Chef, I’m going to be arranging Everyday Hydrangeas! Thanks to FlourLA for helping provide the ingredients to this recipe!

The Flower Chef






The Everday Hydrangeas called for 15 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes of ‘cook’ time. I ended up actually spending a little over an hour, only because I started arranging and then midway through decided to do it all over again because I wasn’t happy with how my flowers were looking. The instructions for this recipe were so easy to follow and while I got the gist of what I should be doing after first reading the steps, I referenced back to the recipe if I was unsure of how I should be placing the flowers. The only material that I didn’t have on hand that I think would’ve definitely helped ease things along was the clear floral tape to make a grid on the top of the vase; my flowers are standing up on their own.


Thanks to Blogger Babes and The Flower Chef, I’m able to give away a copy of The Flower Chef! This book is a great addition to any diy-er’s library and makes a great gift (especially for Mother’s Day!) Enter below for a chance to win! Winner will be notified on April 22nd.

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In addition to the giveaway, The Flower Chef and Luna Bazaar is having a Pinterest Contest and I encourage you to participate! The prizes are pretty sweet and all you have to do to participate is follow the social handles below, create your own floral arrangement OR create a board containing 5 pins from Luna Bazaar and 5 pins from The Flower Chef. See all details below & at diyfloralcontest. Good luck!

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#DIYFloralArrangement Pinterest Contest - 1st Prize


Till next time.. โ™ฅMariel

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes. I received a complimentary copy of The Flower Chef and materials in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.