Friday Favorites: 11.7.14

I wish that I had come across Lush Cosmetics years ago but I’m so glad that I finally gave the brand a chance because I wouldn’t have ever come across some of my favorite beauty products..

Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder


This isn’t your normal (baby) powder that you’ve grown to know.. No, this dusting powder is much more mature and as the name insists, sexy as silk underwear. I think this would be an appropriate time to use the adjective ‘Grown Sexy‘ as one Bachelorette once said. Lush’s dusting powders are perfect for keeping the skin dry and smooth and I’m in love with the Jasmine scent this powder gives off. I’ve incorporated this into my daily routine and can’t imagine my routine without it. I dare you to not fall in love with this scent — it’s almost impossible!

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask


I think it’s genius that Lush offers fresh face masks in their stores. Sure, I could look up a facial recipe on Pinterest, gather all the ingredients, and whip up my own fresh face mask but to be honest, I don’t have time for that or the patience. I do have time to stop by the Lush store every so often to get my hands on a tub of their BB Seaweed!  This bestseller contains seaweed, ground almonds, aloe vera gel, rose absolute, olive oil and honey.

 Soapwalla’s Cream Deodorant


I’ve recently made the switch from using drugstore deodorants/antiperspirants to an all natural deodorant after reading up on how bad antiperspirants can be bad for your pits. There are so many natural deodorants on the market so I took to the internet to find out what worked best. Many blogs and sites had toted Soapwalla‘s Cream Deodorant to really work and I liked the essential oils (lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils) used in the deodorant which finally convinced me to put in an order for Soapwalla. I’ve been using Soapwalla for two weeks and I love it! (My body is still going through a detox from the aluminum and I have experienced some redness since using Soapwalla — as you’ll read in other reviews if you do your research — but it isn’t bad enough for me to discontinue using Soapwalla. I’ll have to update the status of this in a few weeks!)

Zara Square Cut T-Shirt


These basic t-shirts from Zara are so incredibly soft that they’ve become my favorite. They’re loose fitting and can be worn with everything. The best part about these are that they’re only $17.90, so stock up because there’s no such thing as too many t-shirts!

 Chobani SoHo’s Apple Cinnamon


I’m a huge fan of the Chobani freestanding store in SoHo for their fresh creations using their greek yogurt. The seasonal treat for Fall is Apple Cinnamon and it will blow your mind. It’s packed with cinnamon strudel, honey, and apples and I almost always ask for extra strudel. Stop by soon before this treat disappears!


 Colbie Caillat – Try



  • Angie Sander

    I’ve been wanting to research natural deodorants, but never got around to it. I’ll have to try Soapwalla! I’ve tried Tom’s natural deodorant in lavender in the past, but didn’t like it. Also, I wanted to ask where you get your basic tees for awhile now and you posted it! Thank you for all the great product info!

    • mariel

      I highly recommend giving Soapwalla a try 🙂 That’s what I use a majority of the time but I do switch over to Lavanila once in awhile. I like to carry the travel sized Lavanila around since the stick is much easier to apply when I’m out & about vs Soapwalla’s cream.