Holiday Dinner with Brahmin & Vogue

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is here as the city begins to put up the decorations and the weather begins to drop.  A few nights ago, myself along with 25 stylists & bloggers were treated to preview of Brahmin‘s Holiday Collection and dinner. Also in attendance was the Vogue & Brahmin Style Council which consists of Hannah Bronfman, Kim Pesch, Colville Somma, and Lisa Von Weise.

Dinner was atop Hotel Giraffe’s enclosed rooftop and the first thing that came to sight was the long white, family table adorned with beautiful white flowers, petals, and candles lit. Off to the side of the table were the displays featuring Brahmin’s newest handbags.  Everyone was encouraged to ‘play dress up’ with the bags to really get a feel and it was clear to me why Brahmin was so proud of what they were releasing in this collection. The designs were beautiful, the leathers were soft, the features of functionality were amusing to me, and the little details really stood out.

After a few cocktails and meeting with everyone, we were whisked to the family-style table to begin our dinner. We discussed the holiday lines, shared our favorite styles, and really got to learn where Brahmin originated from (Made in the US!). After the dessert course was brought out, everyone was in for a surprise! The servers brought out Ophelia bags for everyone to add to their handbag collection! It was exciting and magical for me because just earlier that night, I had claimed that bag as one of my favorites of the night (I have a handful of favorites to be exact!).  Here are a few photos from the night:


Major thanks to Vogue & Brahmin for having me as a guest that night! On my way home, I was already stopped and asked for details about my new bag 🙂