Honeymoon’ing Part 4: Bari, Italy

Ray and I enjoyed two weeks honeymooning in Venice, Bari, Greece, Albania, and Rome. Here’s part 4 of our trip! If you want to go to Part 3 and read about how we got around to all the cities, click here . To skip ahead and see us in Greece click here for Part 5.

Though our original plans for Bari didn’t quite pan out the way we’d like it to, we got to enjoy the afternoon wandering the streets, people watching, and enjoyed beer and house wine! (Notice a pattern with the house wine?)

The architecture in this little town was incredible and unlike what we had seen in Venice. Most of the time I had my neck craned up, just staring at the architecture! All our walking led us into another beautiful cathedral, Cattedrale di San Sabino, allowing us to take a break from the heat. It was so hot while we were in Bari!

The most memorable part of Bari was being able to watch the local women make pasta and letting them sit out to dry. They were just in a quaint little alley way, quietly making pasta!

We did so much on our honeymoon that I had to split it up in multiple posts. Here you can skip around and check out the cities you’re most interested in, or you can keep going in order 🙂

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