Honeymoon’ing Part 3: Cruising on MSC Poesia

Ray and I enjoyed two weeks honeymooning in Venice, Bari, Greece, Albania, and Rome. Here’s part 3 of our trip! If you want to go to Part 2 in Murano/Burano, click here. To skip ahead and see us in Bari, Italy click here for Part 4.

If you followed along on Instagram you may have wondered how Ray and I got to visit so many different cities and countries during our two-week stay in Europe. It was all possible by booking a cruise! We booked a cruise on MSC that brought us to Bari, Olympia, Mykonos, Athens, Sarande, and Dubrovnik. MSC Poesia ported out of Venice and on our way out of Venice we got to see some incredible views.

Our seven day cruise was packed with a new city/country every day of the cruise (there were no ‘sea days’) that allowed us to visit so many places in just a week. We didn’t plan too much ahead of the cruise as far as drink packages and excursions go. The general idea when planning our trip was a balance of leisure and activities, without exhausting ourselves. We booked a balcony room on an amazing deal from Expedia and the room was comfortable for the week. We did end up picking up a coffee drink package (can you tell we’re obsessed with coffee on this trip?) in addition to the drink vouchers we received from the room we had booked.

We did so much on our honeymoon that I had to split it up in multiple posts. Here you can skip around and check out the cities you’re most interested in, or you can keep going in order 🙂

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