Honeymoon’ing Part 2: Murano and Burano

Ray and I enjoyed two weeks honeymooning in Venice, Bari, Greece, Albania, and Rome. Here’s part 2 of our trip! If you want to go to part 1, click here. To skip ahead and learn how we got around to several cities in a few weeks, here’s part 3.

On the second day of our honeymoon, we booked an excusion to Murano and Burano with points on our Sapphire Reserve card. There were many similar excursions but after some research, we selected this one. We met with our group at a location near St Mark’s Square and boarded our piravte boat for the afternoon. There were ony about 10 other people on the tour so our boat ride between the islands were comfortable.


We arrived at Murano first and strolled through the side streets. Our group was one of the first to arrive that morning and the island felt as though it was just starting to awake. We got up close to San Donato Cathedral and learned a little bit about the cathedral. It was much smaller to some of the cathedrals we’ve already seen in Venice, but there wasn’t a lack of attention to detail here. From the tiled mosiacs on the floor, to the gold and gilden dome, San Donato was a sight to see. After the cathedral we visited a glass blowing factory and watched the skillfull glassblowers create vases and artwork right in front of us.


After Murano we were bound for Burano, a sleepy island best known for their colorful buildings and lace. We spent less time in Burano than we had spent in Murano, but we were able to visit a lace factory and ventured the island on our own. Ray and I opted for seafood lunch and house wine!

Burano’s colorful buildings were so fun to see and not one building was the same color as the one next to it. The food was a little pricier on the island compared to the neighborhood we were staying in Venice, but it was so good and the inexpensive house wine made up for it.

I highly recommend the excursion we booked if you’re planning on visiting Venice and want to tour the nearby islands. Our guide was very knowledgeable and offered tidbits about nearly everything! Ray and I wouldn’t have gotten an in-depth understanding of the islands if it wasn’t for the excursion and our amazing guide. If you’re looking to spend more time on the islands or not interested in excursions, there is water-taxi transportation between the islands. It does take about 45 minutes to a little over an hour between Venice and Murano/Burano.

We did so much on our honeymoon that I had to split it up in multiple posts. Here you can skip around and check out the cities you’re most interested in, or you can keep going in order 🙂

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