I’m Keeping ClassPass

It’s been a little over a week since news of ClassPass’ decision to increase their unlimited membership from $125/mo to $190/mo popped up for members in New York City. I, along many other members, took to social to post about our frustrations and anger towards the company. In fact, I even wrote an email to the company (something I never would really do) and received a generic response. How could a company that I raved to friends and family just suddenly raise its rate on current members, only giving them a month to figure out the future of their memberships? The membership rate was bumped up $65 (not including tax) and members who have been with ClassPass a year ago have seen a 100% increase in their rates (prior to July 2015, rates were $99). The rates keep rising, yet none of the membership details actually changed or have even gotten better.

I was positive I was going to cancel my membership once I had read the price increase email 3 times over. The entire day I was crushed and so angry with trying to figure out where I would take my business to. During the course of the last week, I’ve really spent a lot of time debating and trying to figure out what I would do with my membership. I became a member in November and since then, being able to attend a range of fitness classes has been something that I look forward to. I enjoy being able to go to yoga, playing on the pilates reformer, and being able to go to barre class. I love the option of picking up a strength training class when I’m feeling really pumped to work out or even just having gym time to do.. well, gym stuff.

I did some research to see if being a loyal member at one of my favorite studios would be cost friendly in comparison to the new Classpass Unlimited rate. I looked at class packages at a few of my favorite studios and classes ranged from $30-$39 each with some unlimited monthly memberships going for $250/mo. Prices aren’t really cheaper and I’m stuck at one boutique gym. If I go to at least 8 classes a month, that brings down the prices of a single class to $25, which is still cheaper than what I would be paying at the studio rate. I’m currently averaging a minimum of 12 classes a month, which means I’m paying just about $16 a class. A quick look into Equinox shows that they have classes that could possibly fit my needs, but I would have to pay an additional fee on top of the monthly membership for access to pilates reformer classes. Working out in New York City is really expensive!

I don’t agree with Classpass raising their rates and treating their members like we don’t matter but considering that I need the variety of work outs and I haven’t quite found the gym that I would be 100% devoted to being a member, staying with ClassPass through the price increase is something that I’ll be doing in the meantime. I’ve been doing so well with getting back into being active and working out, I don’t want to stop that just because the company did its members dirty. After this post, I’ll no longer reference ClassPass nor will I recommend it to my friends and family.

I’m still actively looking for a way out of Classpass since my May cycle still has yet to start; If you have any gym recommendations, I’d love to hear about it!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel

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