I’ve completed 50 classes on ClassPass!

I’ve attended 50 classes on ClassPass! I ditched my yoga membership and joined ClassPass in November and four months later I can say that I’ve reached the halfway mark to 100 classes. I wrote about my experience with ClassPass after my first month (you can read that here) and after 50 classes, I think it’s the perfect time to share how my ClassPass membership has been treating me.

  1. I wrote that I hated barre but was so determined to make myself fall in love with the exercise — four months later and I do love barre! My go-to studios include The Bar Method SoHo and Barre3 (with Pop Physique, Physique57, and Pure Barre on my favorites in case classes are all booked up). My new goal is to do at least 2 barre classes a week.
  2. I still attend yoga classes at Yogaworks SoHo but I’m really in love with Krissy’s & Chloe’s classes at Sky Ting. The space is beautiful and the girls are incredible instructors. Their classes are accompanied with the perfect playlists too!
  3. I’m starting to really get into a meditative practice and have found that I really, really enjoy Urban Zen at Yoga Shanti. If you’re ever feeling drained from work or just life in general, this class will pick you back up.
  4. Another class that I’m finding really relaxing is Exhale Flow + Chill Yoga at Exhale — the instructor, Stefanie, is incredible and inspiring. The class is half Vinyasa Flow and half Restorative — you warm the body up to fully enjoy the benefits of restorative poses.
  5. My go-to for pilates reformer classes is New York Pilates SoHo. The studio is beautiful and the classes are therapeutic!
  6. I took a pause in attending Kettlebell Kickboxing (due to a shoulder injury) and plan on getting back into the swing of things (pun intended)! I also still have Uplift Studios on my list to do.

I’ll admit that I reached 50 classes a little later than I was hoping for — I’m blaming going on vacation and getting sick afterwards for the delay but now I’m back to being healthy & ready to take on my 100 classes resolution!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel