Juicing with The Pure Green

Juiceries aren’t hard to come by in the city, but finding your holy grail location could be. By holy grail I mean, tasty juices and smoothies, delicious and healthy snacks, and the people behind behind the counter who are cheering you onto a healthy lifestyle. I’ve found all that and more with The Pure Green. With three locations currently open and several more slated to open in the near future, I recently visited the Pure Green 8 location (8th Street between Broadway and Mercer) to get a taste of some of their creations.

Let’s start off with the juices and smoothies — they’re really, really good. So good that you forget that you’re drinking something healthy. What really sets this place apart from other juiceries is what’s being offered on their menu.. ie Mocha Cold Brew, which is cold brew coffee, raw cacao, almond butter, banana, pure whey protein, lucama nectar, and almond milk; it tastes just like a frappacino you would order from the Coffee Bean! Their Pure Green smoothie (packed with kale, spinach, mango, banana, pineapple, and coconut water) doesn’t even taste like your usual green smoothie, it’s so tasty that you want more (the portions are quite generous too)! And lastly for smoothies, their Banana Nut is so decadent and delicious you’ll want to thank me for introducing this to you. It’s banana, cashew butter, pure coconut, pure whey protein, lucama nectar, and almond milk — perfect for breakfast or as a treat for working so hard at the gym!

Juices. You would assume that all juiceries have delicious juices but when it comes to green juices some of them can be really vegatable-y (I blame the kale). While The Pure Green does have straight up green juice, their Pure Greens come in a variety of flavors that include either apple, lemon + ginger, & apple + lemon + ginger so it’s not like you’re stuck with ‘just-green-juice’ and the addition of apple or ginger really changes it up. Another favorite of mine that beats regular coconut water is the Coconut Hydrate (coconut water, lemon, pineapple, and chia seeds).
My all time favorite from The Pure Green is their Pure Milk! I can’t rave about their milks enough. Flavors include Cashew Milk, Almond Milk, Young Thai Coconut Milk, and Matcha Green Tea Milk — they are all the best milk I’ve ever tasted and I’m not even a milk drinker these days (bad, I know)! I promise you, one taste and you’ll be hooked.

The Pure Green also turned me onto acai bowls. I wasn’t ever really into acai and after a few times of trying to eat it, I didn’t find it special and it never became something that I craved. Even as I was about to try their Coconut Chia Acai, I was scared to admit that I might not even like it and didn’t want to offend anyone solely because acai wasn’t for me. I had a bite, and then a few more bites, and continued to eat it.. I actually enjoyed the bowl full of the blended acai with mango, pineapple, bananas, and coconut with toppings of sliced apple, blueberries, chia, coconut, and hemp granola.

If you were able to keep up and read this post in its entirety, you can now understand my love affair with the Pure Green. If you’re skipping the good chunk and reading this last paragraph, let me state for you that I really enjoyed all of The Pure Green’s offerings. Stay tuned because this won’t be the last you’ll hear about The Pure Green from me!


Till next time.. ♥Mariel