Lush Cosmetics Opens in Herald Square

My newfound obsession is Lush Cosmetics. To be honest, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to hop onto the Lushie train but I’m glad I’m finally onboard. Lush creates and sells the freshest, handmade cosmetics using little or no preservative or packaging are cruelty-free & have a strong stand against animal testing. Best known for their out-of-this-world bath bombs, Lush also creates products for hair, face, body and make up.

The Lush shop in Herald Square (34th Street) has just opened & is worth a visit if you’re in the area. When I had stepped into the store, I was quickly greeted by an associate who gave me a brief rundown of the brand, figured out what kind of products I was interested in getting a hold of, and was more than eager to provide me samples of products in which we chatted about (2 shower gels, 2 face masks, & a cleanser). The customer service was great & genuine, and I felt like I had made a new BFFs in the short time that I was browsing the store. They’re not pushy on selling products because they know that the products itself will sell because they’re JUST. THAT. AMAZING.

So go on in if you just so happen to find yourself in the area & try a few samples if you’re not already familiar with the products and be prepared to fall in love with.. well, bathing and cleansing yourself 🙂










Till next time.. ♥Mariel