My First Louis Vuitton – The Clemence Wallet in Rose Ballerine

I wasn’t ever really into luxury brands growing up and I never saw the appeal of Louis Vuitton’s monogram, ebene, or azur canvases. I’ve been around a lot of different Louis’s in my lifetime and it seemed as though everyone had owned one. While money was never really an issue, I clearly just wasn’t into the brand. I’ve shopped and own a few contemporary designer handbags and accessories — I’m a fan of Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Rebecca Minkoff, and Kate Spade. I just didn’t really care for the luxury brand..

.. until now. I purchased my first Louis Vuitton earlier this year and everything that I had once thought about the brand had changed. Let’s back it up a little bit and let me explain what made me decide to buy into Louis Vuitton. Without a doubt the three top luxury handbag brands are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes – these brands hold high resale value and ocassionally resale for much higher than retail. I’m not into purchasing handbags with the intent of reselling (I wish it were easier for me to part with my bags) but knowing that the handbags you purchase will stand the test of time brings a piece of mind, especially when it involes luxury prices. I’m finally at a point in my life where I feel I can really appreciate a luxury purchase.

After much research and browsing online, I knew that my introduction into Louis Vuitton would be a wallet. I owed myself an “adult” wallet! I went from wanting a Josephine to wanting an Emilie and finally settled on a Clemence in monogram/Rose Ballerine. I popped into the Soho location after work one day, with the intention of just looking, but once I had seen the wallet in person it was hard to walk away without it. The SAs at Soho were incredible and really made my first purchase memorable — we chatted, drank champagne, and got to play with all sorts of products. Being at the Soho location was not intimidating at all and everyone on the floor was friendly — a rarity in New York.

The clemence wallet has become my daily wallet and has been holding up well — I’m learning that the canvas is much more durable that some of my past leather wallets. This wallet isn’t nearly as bulky as some of the large LV wallets, yet it can hold everything I need (8 card slots, two long pockets, and zippered pouch). I feel as though I’m a late bloomer with the brand but let’s be real, you’re never too old or too young for luxury 🙂