My Search For The Perfect Bucket Bag

If it wasn’t already apparent, let me state this before we begin: I have a love affair with handbags. Designer or not, I appreciate them all! It all started during my first job in high school and working in retail didn’t help the cause either — I had first look at products when they came in and the employee discount was pretty nice too. My love for handbags was pushed off to the side when I was in college as most of my money at the time went towards schooling and traveling. And now? I’ve been bitten by the handbag bug!

I’m a huge fan of structured handbags but there’s something about bucket bags that I really love. The drawstring closures and shoulder strap can make any casual outfit chic. Bucket bags are noted to be fall’s IT bag but I had fallen in love with the bag earlier this year. It was one of the only bag silhouettes that was missing in my closet and that’s when my search for my perfect bucket bag began.


Above are a few of the bucket bags that I had been looking into purchasing. I wasn’t in need of a bucket bag at the time, so my search wasn’t at all aggressive. I set an alert on ShopStyle for any sales that pop up and checked back on Bloomingdales and Nordstrom for in-store sales. Rebecca Minkoff had held a sample sale earlier in the year and I had gone, just to “browse” and see how prices were. Sur enough, I spotted a grey bucket bag at the sample sale and the price was right! I purchased the Rebecca Minkoff mini Fiona Bucket Bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fiona, Bucket Bag, Smoke

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fiona, Bucket Bag, Smoke

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fiona, Bucket Bag, Smoke

I liked this bag because, unlike RM’s other bucket bag, this strap was all leather & aside from the drawstring closure there was a magnetic snap. I had been looking for a grey bag to include in my wardrobe and this bag ‘killed two birds with one stone’ — I added a grey handbag and a bucket bag to my collection. The one thing that did bother me was that this bucket bag was a mini, making it more on the short side at just 7″ height-wise and even less when you snap/draw it close.

I was happy with my new bucket bag and it was perfect for outings in the city. Then June came along, and I had gotten intel that Opening Ceremony had opened pre-orders for Mansur Gavriel bucket bags, the ultimate bucket bag. To be honest, because MG sells out in just a matter of minutes every time they release new stock, purchasing MG didn’t even cross my mind and wasn’t something I was coveting at the time. When I got word that names for pre-orders were being accepted (shipment would be coming in a matter of weeks vs months!), I added myself to the wait list and began to browse online and obsess over the bag. I Google image-searched, browsed Instagram hashtags, and watched Youtube review videos — full on obsession over a bag that I hadn’t even gotten a chance to view in person. I figured it would be a great work bag as its large size could fit everything I toted around to the office.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fiona, Mansur Gavriel, Bucket Bag, Regular Black Flamma

Mansur Gavriel, Bucket Bag, Black Flamma

The regular MG bucket bag is a great work bag as it fits quite a bit with room to spare. I couldn’t believe that I was able to easily get my hands on this bucket bag that seemed like everyone was coveting. It quickly became my daily-use bag and even acquired some scrapes and scratches within the first week of use — but I really enjoyed using it and not ‘baby-ing’ the bag. I loved this bag so much, that when the opportunity to purchase the mini version in Cammello/Dolly came around — I picked that one up too!

Mansur Gavriel, Bucket Bag, Box

Mansur Gavriel, Bucket Bag, Mini Cammello Dolly

Cammello/Dolly were the initial colors that I imagined myself purchasing during the beginning of my search and luckily, I was able to get a hold of one. In comparison to the Rebecca Minkoff bucket bag, this mini fits all my everyday essentials comfortably including my Clemence wallet.

I’m happy to say that my search for the perfect bucket bags is complete! I did end up passing on my Rebecca Minkoff bucket bag — it seemed silly to have three bucket bags hanging around. If you’re considering purchasing any Mansur Gavriel handbags, here are a few things to keep in mind from my personal experience:

  1. I highly recommend browsing the MG forum on PurseForum — that’s where I was able to see which retailer had pre-orders or stock available!
  2. Those pretty pink Mansur Gavriel boxes are only given when you buy straight from Mansur Gavriel — retailers will just have the dustbag.
  3. Your best bet on getting a hold of any MG handbags is getting on a pre-order list — Purchasing during the seasonal MG restock can get a little hectic and cart issues are notorious.
  4. Call or reach out to any of the MG stockists to see when they’re next shipment is coming in — I was given the option to place an order for a mini camello/dolly for next spring should I find myself not getting a hold of one.
  5. Browse EBay. Most of the time, the bags are marked high since demand is crazy for this brand but I’ve heard stories where people have spotted MG bags for reasonable prices.
  6. P.S. Dept is another option to keep in mind — A “personal shopper” will let you know when these bags become available and you can purchase directly from the app, given that there’s a slight fee added onto the purchase price but they do the digging and searching for you!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel



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