One Year After Switching To Natural Deodorant

There were a handful of reasons why I decided to switch to natural deodorants a year ago; the main reason is that antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients that get absorbed into the skin. An ingredient that you’ll find listed as at the top of the list is aluminum, which works by clogging or closing your pores to prevent the release of sweat.  Other ingredients include parabens, pthalates, and propylene glycol — all which are harmful and are applied and absorbed with each swipe of antiperspirant. Another reason I switched to natural deodorants was that I began to actively seek cosmetics and skincare that were all-natural and vegan/cruelty-free.

I began my switch to natural deodorants last fall, a strategy that wasn’t planned but more so was just perfect timing of my new found interest in natural deodorants. The weather was much cooler and less humid, minimizing my chances of sweating and hopefully making the transition period less horrid than what I was expecting. These natural deodorants aren’t antiperspirant, meaning they don’t contain the ingredients that prevent you from sweating, but instead contain essential oils that combat & neutralize odor-causing bacteria. After years of using antiperspirants and having clogged pores, the pores begin to open up and expel the build up of chemicals and ingredients from antiperspirants. This transition period ranges from person to person but while your body is adjusting your body odor may be stronger than usual.. it’s not you per se, it’s the build up of ingredients that are causing this.

I did my research as to what to expect when making the switch, how the body could react,  and which deodorants worked better than others. There are quite a few on the market that can be easily found at drugstores and with a quick search on the internet. I opted for Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream and Lavanila’s Healthy Deordorant in a travel size to carry around with me during the day.  I was incredibly paranoid about my body transitioning to the natural deodorant that I also carried around cleansing wipes in case I needed to reapply the deodorant mid-day.


One Year Later…

It’s been one year since I switched to an all-natural deodorant and I’m happy to say that I continue to use natural deodorants! My transition period wasn’t all that bad either, but because I was paranoid I continued to carry my cleansing wipes for about 2 months after switching. I did experience some sensitivity issues with Soapwalla throughout the year and whenever that happened, I would take a break from Soapwalla and use Lavanila. I can’t believe I survived a summer in NYC with natural deodorant! Not even going to lie, I sweated throughout the summer but what I loved using were Lush’s Dusting Powders. These dusting powders really helped keep me dry and even though I was sweating, my body odor wasn’t repulsive.. it’s weird how the body works when you’re no longer using products that contain harmful ingredients!

I’m no longer using Soapwalla as it continued to sporadically give me rashes. I’m currently using Routine’s de-odor cream in Sexy Sadie (thanks for the introduction Petit Vour!) and Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free Deodorant (thanks again for the intro to this brand Petit Vour!) . A majority of the natural deodorants I’ve come across contain citrus scents, so when I came across Sexy Sadie I was surprised by how amazing the scent was. It’s mainly cinnamon and vanilla — such a unique scent for a deodorant. Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free Deodorant has a blend of citrus essential oils that are refreshing and even though this doesn’t use baking soda (almost found in all natural deodorants to control moisture), the dietary magnesium and arrowroot powder seem to be working really well. Both deodorants are gentle and I haven’t experienced any sensitivities while using. I highly recommend these two deodorants if you’re thinking of switching or currently looking for a new natural deodorant!


Switching to natural deodorants was a big decision that I made and I’m so glad that I did. And while there’s no concrete studies that prove that antiperspirants are linked to an increased risk of disease, my mind is at ease knowing that I’m using a product that’s healthy and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. It really is trial and error when it comes to finding deodorants that work with your body, but I’m glad that I’ve found the ones that work for me. If you have any questions about switching to natural deodorants, don’t hesitate to ask!


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