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Something Neat Worth Sharing: Origrami Instagram Prints

Hello loves!

The days are quickly winding down to Christmas and so are the days for gift shopping! I’m in the middle of putting together gifts and hiding from the boyfriend *SHHH!* but I just wanted to share something neat that I just received in the mail.

I’ve been searching for a way to print out my Instagram photos since a lot of the photos that are on my feed are quite memorable and it would be nice to have a physical copy to have around the apartment or at my work desk. After a bit of a search, I came across Origrami.. which is based out of Sydney, Australia but GOOD NEWS! They do free shipping! They have a variety of sizes and styles/themes to pick from and prices are pretty reasonable. ¬†For my first order, I decided to do the Squareprints: 36 4×4 prints. After a quick integration with your Instagram account, you pick out the 36 prints from your feed and then select a theme from the four provided (depending on the theme you choose, it’ll include the photo’s geo-tagged location, caption, likes, etc). I chose the Spectrum theme which were the colors backgrounds.

It took less than a week for my prints to be shipped out and another week and a half for it to deliver. Not bad! They arrived in a cute camera-designed box and the top pops off to reveal the photos. The quality of the photos are great and couldn’t be more happier with them. So in case you’re still looking for great gifts to give for the holiday season, Origrami offers virtual gift cards!

Anyway, back to gift wrapping and hiding.. Happy Holidays everyone!