Tea Time at The Plaza

This year my MMGals (my main girl friends in NYC) are attempting to get together at least once every month to catch up and chit-chat since time just doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  For the month of February we decided on having tea time at Palm Court inside The Plaza!

For the *almost* three years I’ve been living in New York City, I still haven’t visited The Plaza (Home Alone 2 anyone?) so I was thrilled that I finally had a reason to trek uptown to visit the famous hotel. The Plaza was beautiful and elegant, with multiple levels to explore. I had no idea what to expect as I wandered the halls and I even bumped into the food court in the lower level along with the cute Eloise store.

Tea Time at Palm Court had four different menus to choose from: Fitzgerald Tea of The Ages, The New Yorker, The Chocolate Tea, and the Eloise Tea. After choosing Fitzgerald Tea of The Ages for the table (we all preferred that menu over The New Yorker, but we should’ve just split 4/4 orders for both menus!), we individually chose the tea to our liking. I chose the Golden Monkey Picked tea from China since I’m currently in love with black teas.

Tea time was quite delicious and filling! I didn’t even get the chance to touch the sweet desserts and instead took them to go. I recommend trying tea time at The Plaza to my friends who aren’t from the city and for those of you who do plan on stopping in for tea, make sure you make reservations early! I believe we made reservations for this outing a month and half in advance!

Till next time!