Weekend Recap: Barbecuing on Long Island

Happy Monday friends! I’m hoping that you had an amazing and relaxing first weekend of June! This weekend we spent barbecuing at a friend’s house on Long Island. We’re kicking off summer really well this year with back-to-back weekends of grilling!

The weather this weekend wasn’t as hot as the previous but we still got to enjoy the pool and tried to catch up on some tanning. For the last week I’ve been fake baking so I tried hard to catch as many rays as possible (hard work, huh?).










I’m happy that my Victoria’s Secret shipment came in right before the weekend. If you haven’t heard, VS is pulling their sleepwear & swimsuit lines to focus more on their lingerie. I get it, but VS was my go-to for swimsuits! Anyway, they’re having a major sale (code: SAVE40SWIM) & clearance on their website and I picked up a few things to try and ended up keeping this one piece in kiwi/black/stripe.

So what does this upcoming week have in store for me? I’m motivated to get back into working out so I’m going back to Kettlebell Kickboxing classes and I’m even going to give boxing a try! I’m so nervous (and scared!) but I’m sure it’s just me overhyping myself. Definitely more to come & I’ll reporting back here with how I did!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel