Weekend Recap: Citi Biking Lower Manhattan

I can’t believe how fast Labor Day weekend sprung upon us and how it marked the last weekend of summer. Why is it that from the beginning of the year, summer couldn’t have come any sooner & when summer arrives.. it flies by! I didn’t get a chance at a getaway this Labor Day weekend but I finally crossed something off my NYC bucket list — riding a bike in the city!

If you saw my Instagram over the weekend you may have read that this was my first bike ride in about 18 years! The last time I rode a bike was when I was 8 years old & living in San Diego and riding my bike meant riding it in circles in front of my house or in the backyard. Getting on a bike this weekend was a huge accomplishment for me since I was pretty nervous and unsure of riding a bike in the city, let alone if I even remembered how to ride a bike. I felt so nervous on getting on a bike that I’ve pushed the activity aside every time the boyfriend had suggested it. I guess what people say is true — you never forget how to ride a bike once you’ve learned! After a quick refresher course around the local park, we spent the 2.5 hours cruising on Citi Bikes down from LES to FDR then Seaport > South Ferry > Battery Park City > West Side Highway up to Chelsea Piers and took the same route back home. And I can’t forget to throw in a mix of tourists and cars during our route through downtown! The city does have some amazing bike paths in lower Manhattan, making it a breeze to get around [fairly] safely!

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Photo 1: Taking a quick break at Battery Park City & though you can’t see it, there was a view of the Statue of Liberty (upper left!). I don’t own a bike so we opted to take advantage of the Citi bikes! They give you 30 minutes to ride until you have to dock the bike at another station and with the number of stations available, finding access to a bike and hopping from station to station is no problem.

Photos 2 & 3: Citi bikes! If you don’t have a Citi bike membership you’re given the option at a 24 hour pass or seven day pass and the card you use to pay is your pass to acquire bike codes whenever you take a bike out of the station.

Photos 4 & 5: We had just docked our bikes in a station in West Village! It felt like a game trying to beat the clock as we peddled towards the next bike station. Along the way we came across a dozen of other people who had the same idea of cruising through West Side Highway using Citi bikes!





The weekend also included some really delicious food, click here to see!