Weekend Recap: Pilates & Barre with Sweaty Betty

I’m trying my best to get into the habit of working out and attending classes — Between my vacation in Orlando, getting sick, and then visiting back home, I’ve lost my speed in working out! But now that we’ve gotten a tip that we’ll be vacationing in Cabo at the end of the summer, I’m motivated to keep moving and hopefully be in better shape once it’s time for vacation!

It’s always tough getting back into the habit of working out and the idea of sore muscles so I eased myself in with Pilates Mat at Yogaworks on Saturday and Barre3 in West Village on Sunday. One of the things that motivate me to work out is the cute work out apparel, so this weekend I gave the Upbeat Padded Workout Bra and the Ultra Run Bra from Sweaty Betty a whirl!

Sweaty Betty is a British retailer that got its start in 1998 and has quickly become a global multi-channel fitness fashion brand. The brand’s aim is to ‘inspire women to find empowerment through fitness’.

Sweaty Betty, Upbeat Padded Workout Bra

Sweaty Betty, Upbeat Padded Workout Bra




Both bras were really comfortable during my work outs and were really supportive. The Upbeat Padded Workout Bra is a high-impact sports bra and could be used in an array of work outs from pilates to weight training and aerobics.

The Ultra Run Bra was equally comfortable and had more coverage, which is good if running is your choice of work out. The back of the bra is comprised of mesh panels, allowing for natural air flow as you run/work out.





After my work outs, I treated myself to Lenny & Larry’s — Ray discovered these protein cookies that contain 16g of protein and 8g of fiber. These are the perfect treat after working out!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel


Thanks Sweaty Betty for gifting these bras & allowing me to get my sweat on!