Weekend Recap: Robert Moses Beach Day

Somehow, magically.. We ended up spending the day at the beach! Being born in California and growing up there when I was younger, I naturally love going out to the beach and spending time out in the sun. My fiance, on the other hand, doesn’t understand the joy of just laying out on the beach and soaking in the sun rays. I guess you can say that in all five years of me living in New York City, the opportunity of spending the day at the beach never came up. Until this weekend!

We drove out to Robert Moses Beach for the afternoon. We’ll be vacationing in Cabo at the end of August and now’s the time to get our base tan on, breaking ourselves in before we reach the sun in Cabo.





Some of my favorite items to bring to the beach with me:

  • Coola Suncare’s Make Up Setting Spray – My newest & favorite beauty/skin care item that I’ve purchased! This make up setting spray mattifies and sets your make up + it contains SPF 30! This has really helped my make up from melting on any given day. Though make up less, I brought it along to the beach because it’s a convenient and quick way of ensuring my face is covered with SPF without slathering SPF lotion on my face.
  • Evian Facial Spray – I don’t dip myself nearly as much as I would dip myself in a pool, so to stay cool while getting a tan, I like to spritz myself with this Evian spray. I actually carry this around with me at all times, it’s a quick way to cool down from this heat wave.
  • Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray – This is my favorite salt/surf spray! My hair was permed more than a year ago so my waves have grown out significantly but they’re still there! I like to keep whatever waves I do have by spraying this surf spray after getting out of the water.
  • Physician’s Formula’s Butter Bronzer – There’s really no point in wearing make up to the beach, but to add a little color to my otherwise pale face (and I prefer to keep it out of the sun) I like to add a little color with this bronzer. It even smells like coconut!

Till next time.. ♥Mariel


Robert Moses Beach