Yoplait #TasteOff Challenge

Yoplait recently held a Taste-Off Pop Up Shop on West Broadway in an effort to showcase their version of Greek Yogurt (. What better way to showcase the yogurt than to do a Taste-Off with Chobani, the yogurt brand reigning over West Broadway with their shop. Luckily, Mary, Michelle, and I happened to be in the area on break from the office!

The Pop Up Shop was decorated to the max; from the floors to the ceiling, Yoplait really took over the space. Right after we entered, we were whisked to a tasting station and two plastic cups sat in front of each of us.. One containing Yoplait and the other with Chobani – both were their versions of blueberry yogurt. We blind tasted together and the results? Michelle preferred Yoplait while Mary & I chose Chobani’s version. Chobani’s blueberry yogurt tasted fresher to me, it may have been because the blueberries were in tact and it just seamed to be real blueberries whereas Yoplait was a little bit artificial tasting to me. What made it really neat was that despite our taste buds favoring Chobani, we were given shirts showing off that we did pick Chobani over Yoplait. A little weird for Yoplait to be marketing Chobani, but cool nonetheless.

At the back of the shop was the Yogurt bar in which you could taste and bring home as many as you wanted, as well as a coffee station to keep you warm – and it was all for free! The Yoplait Taste-Off Pop Up Shop was a pretty neat experience and was the perfect play to take our break for the day!